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I received special attention from my friends Joaquin Redo and his wife, honor and decorum of the midwives of my country; to those people I want to consign this memory of tender gratitude.

In Mazatlan the complete dismemberment of the family embarked on the Manzanillo was verified; Heroic men, noble hearts, knights sacrificed to the idea of ​​duty, fell like shipwrecked on a beach that could be called strange, without resources, without support, with no other expectation than persecution and misery, and without having saved anything other than the dignity of man and the inspirations of conscience.

The bow turned to San Francisco, the anchors raised, watching the heights of Mazatlan disappear on the horizon, as

The lights of a nocturnal feast extinguish, sadness fell on our foreheads and we continued to the destination, hearing the puffing of steam and feeling the ribs of the ship swaying under our soles impetuously cutting the waves.

The night was gloomy; At the wrong time, Don Juanito, who was walking around the room doing X, undoubtedly due to the strong movement of the ship, sang a Shubert melody, accompanying himself on the piano, so tender, so deeply felt, that it seemed to me that they had found an accent all the painful bitterness, that made tears were overflowing from my eyes.

Meals are announced with a special instrument that acts as a bell. This instrument is a larger tin-leaf disk, but in the shape of a comal; This record is struck with a bobbin, letting it slide vibrating, which produces loud notes; rather, a hubbub of noises enclosed in a single noise, of the world falling apart. That tin leaf scandal is called gong.

A Chinese suspends it on one of its sides, taking the kitchen as a starting point, grasps the bobbin and runs through the entire ship, up and down stairs and making a truly infernal rampage.

Gluttony has a special cult on a ship; You drink tea, you have lunch, you eat, you have dinner, you drink tea again, and your jaws can resolve the perpetual movement with very little effort.

delicacies, if such a flattering name can be given to those confections expressly invented for martyrdom and the blush of the stomachs.

Fresh corn just arrived from the milpa and half cooked, swimming in milk, with pieces of inveterate egg, raw tomatoes that serve, either as fruits, or as raw material for salad, colossal branches of ape, standing on pitchers and vases, Egg omelettes that sprinkled with molasses serve as sweet, butter that mixes indistinctly with fruits, preserves and the most disgusting fats, and some pumpkin intestines cakes mixed with rhubarb, capable of resuscitating a dead person if passes through the nose.

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